When I Grow Up | Sally Neal


"Sally always has a smile on her face and is one of the most uplifting friends. She is one of the funniest girls i know and is always down for a good time! She is loud in the BEST way and knows how to light up a room. You can always count on her for anything, even just to talk over a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Sal is also so dedicated to her graphic design major and you can catch her 95% of the time in the Owen lobby grinding on a super cool art project!"
-Grace Sandoval

Sally Neal is a rising sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama. She is majoring in Graphic Design. Sally has loved her freshman year and growing closer with her pledge class and really getting into her major. 

When I Grow Up

Whenever someone asks me my major and I respond “graphic design,” they always give me a confused look as if I don’t look the part. It seems that people have a certain idea of what a graphic design major would look or act like. I didn’t even want to be a graphic designer until about a year or two ago. I wanted to be a nurse!! (the complete opposite, I know) I volunteered at Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital as a nurse ambassador and, after cleaning up things I didn't want to and fainting after shots, quickly realized it was not my calling. So I went back to the drawing board as college grew closer and really thought about what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve always been a lover of arts. My school projects were always so extra and something to be proud of (shout out to my preschool teaching mom for the crafty gene). I love to paint, draw, and just create in general, so a design major was what I decided to do. My oldest sister, Lucy, also a Chi O here at Auburn,  was already in interior design, which I gladly considered, but the youngest child in me wanted to be different than her. So here I am, about to apply to be in the Graphic Design program here at AU. 

I’ve always been a lover of arts. My school projects were always so extra and something to be proud of.

Graphic design can basically be anything you need it to be. It’s the creative side of advertisements, logos, the decorations on greeting cards, or the designs on the back of t-shirts. You can go a ton of different ways with it since almost all businesses could use graphic designers. With all these career options, I haven’t exactly decided which direction I want to go. My ideal job would be working for a company that designs stickers, logos, t-shirts, or something along those lines. So many options I just can’t choose! Anyways, if ya ever want to hang out, stop by the studio in Wallace for a fun time!


Where do I begin?!? I love Chi O for more reasons than I could possibly write out. Chi O has given me friendships and memories to last a lifetime. I don’t think I have one bad memory yet. My sisters in Chi O are genuine and caring and everything in between! They have given me the confidence and support I needed to be the best person I can be here at Auburn. Also, fun fact, my two actual older sisters are Chi O’s with me this year. Having them by my side in Chi O freshman year has been a blessing I will always be thankful for. It’s something special that not everyone gets to enjoy!! Anyways, because there are girls from all walks of life in our chapter, I feel like I can be myself and everyone will love me even more for it. I’ve never been in such a warm environment and I never want to leave it