When I Grow Up | Lily Dendy


"Lily welcomes anyone in. She is kind, nurturing, thoughtful and ultimately just wants to love anyone she sees and especially those close to her. Also, those who know her love her for her tremendous love for farming? Her affinity for growing fruits, veggies, flowers and plant stems from her love for the environment and strive for sustainable farming practices. Her heart for people and the betterment of the earth inspires those around her on a daily basis."
-Jayne Molchan

Lily Dendy is a rising senior from Homewood, Alabama. She is majoring in Horticulture and her love for the environment and sustainability grace our chapter with encouragement to take care of our surroundings. There is never a day that Lil won't show you affirmation and love. We are so proud to call her a member of Chi O.

When I Grow Up

Basic synopsis, the Lord has mischeviously/sneakily helped me navigate what He has always alluded to as my calling and after taking an AP Environmental class, then jumping on the opportunity to volunteer and then intern at a nonprofit farm (Jones Valley Teaching Farm) in Birmingham, I was able to narrow down what I want to do to a term called “agri-scaping”. This time next year, my plan is to be looking into graduate school for a master’s degree in landscape architecture in the Pacific Northwest. I basically want to install rooftop gardens/regularly maintained community gardens at schools really wherever we can squeeze in native plants in urban areas, eliminating concrete and educating about agriculture and how to practice environmentally friendly lifestyles. 

Over the past five years I have navigated a career path that I find to be environmentally beneficial, good for the soul, and really freaking empowering. I am slightly shy of obsessed with local agriculture and practicing a lifestyle where the environment is at the forefront of everything I do. Practicing that lifestyle is surprisingly easy! I’ll show you some of the components to keeping the planet in mind on our Instagram story. 

Over the past five years I have navigated a career path that I find to be environmentally beneficial, good for the soul, and really freaking empowering.

I chose horticulture because it is incredibly good for the environment when food is cultivated organically and it is restorative for those who have nothing to be able to pull creation (like a tomato or a radish) from dirt. I can honestly say that I considered the female empowerment behind reminding those following my story that women were actually the original farmers. Farming isn’t pretty, it’s hard, long work and I have only experienced a tiny increment of those long days by interning with a nonprofit back home in Birmingham. How insane is it that farming traditionally was women’s work? I have a ton of book recommendations, I listen to a podcast regularly called "Women Who Farm" and follow these accounts if you’re interested in where some of my regular intake of information comes from: @bezerowastegirl @pocketcityfarms @longestacresfarm.


Chi Omega doesn’t ask any of us to become something were aren’t. I have only been motivated by the young women in Chi O to be the better version of myself. Observing a development of maturity and such growth in both myself and the other girls in my pledge class over the past (almost three years) has been such a beautiful metamorphosis. I entered into my freshman year with a fear that I would be alone in my personal morals. I have never felt pressured to abandon a single bit of myself in this group of girls. I have never felt pressured to leave any of my own beliefs, or lifestyle behind because I have felt listened to and appreciated for who I have always been. This blog can attest to the fact that the women of Alpha Beta Chi Omega have all, very different callings and passions, from art to teaching, to nature based recreation. All of these passions are appreciated and supported in Chi Omega.