This series highlights the Alpha Beta out-of-state girls and gives a little sneak peak into their journey to Auburn and how they have been able to call Auburn their "Home Away From Home."


Natalie Bunton




Where are you from and how did you choose Auburn?

"I am from St. Louis, Missouri. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to go south for college. I wanted to experience "Southern Hospitality" (boy have I experienced that!) and most importantly, have warmer weather! When I started the college process, I knew immediately I wanted the SEC. I am a huge sports gal, so I wanted a school that had top notch school spirit. I found all of that and more at Auburn. The moment I stepped on campus, I saw how important community was to everyone here and really felt the presence of the Auburn Family. I have everything I could ever imagine from a college in Auburn and I am so happy I decided to come here!"


What attracted you to Chi O during recruitment?

"Coming in to rush, I really had no idea what I was walking into. I wasn’t planning on going through recruitment until May of my senior year, but from the first round, I knew there was something special about Chi O. They truly made me feel welcomed and at home during their parties. Nothing was artificial from the conversations to the girls; everyone was real and genuine, and they make it easy for me to be that same way. My love for Chi O only grew throughout the week, so I was so incredibly happy on Bid Day. I knew that in Chi O I could be myself and would be loved no matter what."


How have you found a “home away from home” in Chi O?

"For me, home is where family is. Being in Chi O has given me an immediate family here at Auburn. I am so loved by them and the community surrounding me is irreplaceable. It’s hard to even describe how much the friendships I’ve formed through Chi O have impacted and changed my life for the better. These girls 100% make being ten hours from home so much easier. With these friendships, sometimes it feels like home is right where I am now."



"Oh boy, this is so easy to talk about. I love Chi O because it is so much fun! Throughout this first year, I have made so many crazy memories with the best girls all because of Chi O. Whether its formal or football games, just doing life with your best friends is so. much. fun. On a more serious side, I love Chi O because I have made relationships that push me to be my best self everyday. I have grown so much this past year because of the examples these girls set on how to treat others. I hope one day I can radiate love and pure joy the way all these girls do. Chi Omega truly is a one of kind community, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world."